The "Natural"





The "Natural" a smaller (3' x 2 3/4' 120 Lbs.) medium power speaker with the primary characteristics being full & natural presentation of acoustic space & stage, and a very very non-mechanical sound signature. 100 DB. efficiency. Price: $16,800 Pr.

The "Magnificent"

The "Magnificent" a large, high power speaker capable of cruising through the softest most detailed whisper at the back of the hall or complex 120+ Db. symphony climaxes with naturalness and ease. I have never run into anything like them in my life. The lower mid's thru the bass has the true texture, richness & fullness of music, something I grew up with that is so missing today. (Corvett/Prias) comes to mind. More like catching a wave than going to a well. 110 Db efficiency. Price: $32,200 Pr. S   $44,000 Pr. L

Cabinets are hand-made by myself (Andy Bouwman) and the same Master Cabinet Maker I have been working closely with for over 36 Years!