Mission Statement

Churn Vs. Long-Term

At Ultra Fidelity Audio®, the entire effort and philosophy is toward true, long-term satisfaction using gear that supplies real, soul satisfying music day after day, year after year! At the Hi-End it is the responsibility of the tech/salesman to supply true, long-term musical satisfaction rather than the never ending sales churn with highly compromised inferior gear with a supposedly always new/better edition.

I see FAR too many music lovers needlessly waisting YEARS and tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on set after set of speakers and amps that are totally mis-matched and will never work together always with the churn masters saying “well you have to buy the NEW one or the BIGGER one. Yes this will give you the fix that you are seeking” and always MORE AND MORE $$$. A very large amount of it is flat-out, overpriced JUNK! The true shame is that with all that wasted money they could have one, or even several, true lifetime DREAM systems! And you can never get back the wasted time! I won’t even get into the area of tech incompetence and boobery, all the time running out your money!!!



It is that warm, full feeling you get after a good, full, live symphony, or a good, full performance when all the good songs were played with passion and love. It is that sparkling, shining, high-energy feeling that you have even an hour after a great, loud and powerful big band or rock concert!

It can be had at home.

It can be had in YOUR home!